Learn About Pipes

We sell a large variety of hand-blown glass pipes. Novelty design, character, gandalf, sherlock, and lots of unique hand pipes available!

For those who don’t fare well with glass, we have silicone pieces available! The glass bowl pops out easily for cleaning. The rest of the piece is made out of a heat resistant, high grade silicone; making it virtually indestructible!

We sell all the cleaning supplies that you need to keep your smoke pieces looking their best!

Wooden pipes, chillums, novelty clips, dugout hideaways, ashtrays, scales and rolling trays available.

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Topical CBD

CBD Daily has a wonderful variety of products for topical relief of your aches and pains. Stiff muscles? Sore neck and back? Cramps? Check into our massage candles, intensive creams, soothing serums, and bath bombs.

***All of these products are THC free and 100% legal in the state of Georgia. CBD is extracted from the hemp of the cannabis plant. It has all the medicinal benefits of the plant, without the psychoactive effects. CBD contains anti-inflammatory agents. It is also great for pain relief, stress/anxiety, and sleep aid.

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