Toys To Rattle The Cage

We offer a large variety of the well-known “silver bullet”. Whether you want the battery operated, wireless, remote controlled, rechargeable or self heating; we got you covered.

Shane’s World is a bestselling brand for beginner toys of all kinds.

The Neon line from Pipedream is a customer favorite because of their bright, fun colors, and large variety of products.

EVOLVED Novelties is a staff and customer favorite alike! Tons of awesome products and a five year warranty that can’t be beat!

The Pillow Talk line is aesthetically pleasing with its pastel colors and beautiful crystals. Whisper-quiet and luxurious power for a pleasant experience every time.

Body Wand has tons of styles available to you. Large plug in options all the way to discreet hand-held massagers.

The Maia toy line is popular for its unique designs and amazing quality! Bullets, rabbits, g toys, and mens products are available!

Glass toys are so versatile. They are made out of durable, Pyrex type material that is virtually indestructible. Glass toys are among the most sanitary, and fun for temperate play. Warm them up or cool them down for extra sensation!

Here at the Love Library, we LOVE love! No matter what form it takes. We are a safe space. A judgment free zone. A place to be yourself. To celebrate what makes you, YOU. “When you reduce life to black and white…you never see rainbows!”

Male enhancement rings are a top selling item. They will help increase erection duration, and some even vibrate for extra stimulation to you or your partner!

Couple’s Kits offer a variety of toys for you and yours to try out together at an awesome value!

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